Heritage Press: The Sailor’s Reader, edited by George Macy (1943)

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The Sailor’s Reader: A Volume Containing Four Hundred Thousand Words of Select Literary Entertainment for the American Sailor on the Water or in the Air, edited by George Macy (1943)
No Sandglass Issued – Sold in Stores with a Dustjacket
Heritage Press Exclusive, released side-by-side with The Soldier’s Reader

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During World War II the Heritage Press released two books designed for the many soldiers and sailors serving the United States, The Soldier’s Reader and Sailor’s Reader.  Each had a lot of the same material in its 400,000 words, but both had their own specific bits that were tailored for that particular branch of the military.  This is not your conventional post, as there’s no pictures and the binding itself isn’t spectacular.

Binding – As you can see, nothing too fancy.

Spine – I did a little Photoshop magic to eradicate some library markings above the square border.

A dustjacket used to cover this book, but it has been lost to time.

Title Page – I wish that logo wasn’t stamped on – I’d use it as the icon for the blog.  Ah well.

So, like I said, nothing too extraordinary.  However, I thought that George Macy’s musings that litter the text would be well worth some time to photograph and document, and Macy did not slouch in these.  Most of the sections feature a brief intro from Macy explaining it and its inclusion.  Also, he would write a six page preface providing his reasoning for making the book.  This will be the end of my text – we’ll let Mr. Macy take over from here.  Enjoy!

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