Of Interest: LEC Posts by other Macy Devotees

July 15, 2013 Comments Off on Of Interest: LEC Posts by other Macy Devotees

I’m foreseeing a busy week in front of me, so I’m not sure if I can crank out any more elaborate posts until this weekend. In the meantime, several of the other Devotees at LibraryThing have been spotlighting LEC editions lately, and I thought I’d spotlight their work in replacement for a lack of activity here.

1) tag83, aka Tony Geer, has a great post on the LEC Treasure Island illustrated by longtime Macy alum Edward A. Wilson (who I’ll get around to soon!) at The Book Blog.

2) At The Whole Book Experience, J. Davis details out the lovely LEC edition of Jurgen, featuring the artistic chops of Virgil Burnett.

3) Lastly, Nick Long at his blog Ephemeral Pursuits goes after Edward Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire‘s LEC printing, featuring etchings by Gian Battista Piranesi.

Enjoy all of these excellent, thorough reports on some lovely books!


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