Site News: Image Software Upgrade!

January 1, 2019 Comments Off on Site News: Image Software Upgrade!

So I made one of my key upgrades for 2019 across all of my sites today — a significant update to my image manipulation software. Through the purchase of four programs I have vastly improved my capability to maximize the quality of my images here, as the above example shows. Another change I’ve been experimenting with is using my new mobile phone camera for the last couple posts; it’s easier to minimize vibration with my phone, and it’s a lot easier to set up than my digital SLR. I do need a vibration reduction lens for that down the road…but for now I’m making due with the best options I have available to me at the present time. These examples do spotlight a potential size increase for the image files, which I will be working on reducing as I continue to play with these new tools. Ultimately, though, these will allow me to produce higher quality work for my posts here, and I’m pleased to make this change after utilizing antiquated software from 2001 up to this point.


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