November 2017 Update

November 15, 2017 § Leave a comment

Hello readers!

November has been a rollercoaster of busy for me, so I haven’t had a lot of energy to put into this site. I’m currently trying to get a new line of employment on top of working my current job, so it’s been a very taxing and tiring process. I think I’m going to go ahead and put this project of updating on a temp hiatus until December. Hopefully I will be able to put more time into my pet projects by then. Thanks for understanding!


October 2017 Post Updates

October 2, 2017 Comments Off on October 2017 Post Updates

Hello friends!

As I update posts, I’ll put a running tally in this particular post.

10/2/2017 – Henry IV Part I now has its Shakespeare commentary.
10/3/2017 – The LEC Vanity Fair has its monthly letter, a proper Thackeray bibliography with the two Clubs and has been generally updated all around.
10/6/2017 – The Diary of Moll Flanders has been revised! I need to find the Heritage edition to photograph…
10/8/2017 – Since I missed a couple days I’ve made them up! Zadig now has production details, and I’ve touched up the Fathers and Sons post with some editing and a new note on the bindery.
10/10/2017 – The Wanderer has gotten a LEC newsletter and additional details and edits.
10/11/2017 – The Three-Cornered Hat now has an announcement letter and a few minor edits. I do have a second copy of this now so I’ll need to compare the two soon.

10/25/2017 – Sorry for the delay in updates. My job extended its hours a bit and shifted back to 5AM to start, so I haven’t had a lot of energy to put into updating posts. I think I’m going to take the rest of October off to try to finish acclimating to the change and plan to dig into the Heritage books I need to add Sandglasses for next. After that, I will go through each post no matter the publisher and give it a go-over for link additions, writing touchups and slight emendation. Thank you for your understanding and I’ll see you next week!

Site News – 10/1/2017: Update

October 1, 2017 § 2 Comments

Hello everyone!

It’s been quiet for a while. I decided to take a small break, but I plan on getting back into the swing of updates beginning this month. I have devised how I want to prioritize this — first off, I will be updating all of the posts on the site that currently are missing Sandglasses or MLs that I have access to. After that, I will update the remaining posts. If I don’t have any new books to document by the time I finish that, I will then begin to utilize the very kind GM Devotee contributors to help me with content.

I would like to update a post per weekday, as it won’t take super long to do so in most cases. So expect the first update on Henry IV Part I tomorrow with an announcement letter addition and some slight revisions!


~ JF

6/3/2017 – Update

June 3, 2017 Comments Off on 6/3/2017 – Update

Hello readers!

It has been close to three months since the hiatus announcement, but I do have good news about my job status — I will be starting a new position on the 12th! However, I will be working extended hours once I start, so I cannot guarantee that I will be getting new posts up and running with any sort of consistency for the time being. But I will be ending the official hiatus and will see about putting up some new material this week!

Eulogy to Lois Wheeler, a dear friend

April 15, 2017 § 2 Comments

I just learned from my parents that a very dear friend passed away a few months ago, Lois Wheeler. I’ve mentioned her name a few times here at the Imagery as she was herself an avid lover of books and greatly relished the opportunity to visit and go over my acquisitions with me. She sold me the copy of Beowulf I still own, as well as several other Heritage Press titles, from her time as the owner of Page One Used Books, which I used to volunteer at (and get paid in books). She also gave me books after she closed her store, far too many for me to list out here. She was a lovely individual, someone who was an absolute pleasure to be around and an infectious book enthusiast who helped me gain my own deeper passion for the medium, leading to this blog and my collection.

She was 88 and passed away from breast cancer. I haven’t seen her since I moved, and now I never will. She was an amazing woman and I will miss her greatly. Rest in peace Lois.

An Executive Decision

March 20, 2016 § 1 Comment

Hey everyone,

Blog’s been quiet again. I apologize for that, but I haven’t felt like putting in a lot of work lately, and I think I may have pinpointed why. You see, I think at this point in my life I am just not that interested in putting in the time for books I don’t own. I have no personal investment beyond obligation to this site, and I don’t think that’s the best approach towards producing content for the blog. So, I’m making a personal choice to no longer post up books I don’t own at that moment in time. Which does strip away the entirety of the “Coming Soon!” banner I had (I just changed it to reflect this change). But I’ve been thinking of the posts I put up on the Great French Romances over the break and how essentially barebones they were…because I don’t own complete copies where I can get information for them! And that’s not doing anyone any favors beyond visuals and the barest of details. I think this blog can be better than that. I’m not going to delete any of the posts that lack a Sandglass or anything like that; they’ve already been done, and I can update them later if I choose. But I’m not going to spend any more time compiling incomplete posts. I hope that you understand this editorial choice and look forward to our next post on our first LEC Shakespeare, Henry the IV Part I, in the near future.

The Year in Review: 2015

December 31, 2015 Comments Off on The Year in Review: 2015

Hello everyone,

Sherlock Holmes took a little longer than anticipated to prepare, so it won’t be going up until tomorrow, I’m afraid. In the meantime, for those curious about how the blog performed this year, WordPress has supplied me with its annual report, and you can peruse it at your leisure here.

Happy New Year, readers!

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