Limited Editions Club/Heritage Press: Barchester Towers by Anthony Trollope (1958)

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Limited Editions Club:

Barchester Towers by Anthony Trollope (1958)
LEC #292/27th Series V. 1 in 1958
Artwork: Illustrations by Fritz Kredel
Introduced by Angela Thirkell

#403 of 1500.

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Front Binding – Happy 2018 everyone! I am not entirely sure how frequent this blog will see updates without any new books to spotlight beyond this one at present, but I will continue to post new titles that come into my hands as they enter my library — I promise you that!

Our first post in 2018 is not the first for either author nor artist; in fact, we’ve spotlighted them both TOGETHER way back when with the Heritage reprint of The Warden, which predated this book by three years. You can take a look at the Heritage edition I previously reviewed below. Anthony Trollope would only see these two works printed by the Limited Editions Club, with both decorated by Fritz Kredel’s graceful hand. As for Fritz, he hasn’t been spotlighted since 2013’s post on The Decameron, so it’s nice to welcome him back, especially since he was the most utilized of all illustrators by George Macy and his family over the LEC tenure. This is a very representative example of his output; expertly done and apropos of the story within. For his entire LEC/Heritage bibloiography, see here.

Design Notes – Designer Richard Ellis was recruited to continue the tradition he established with The Warden (a theme for this book, as we will see shortly). Ellis is no stranger to the blog at this point; I even reposted a complete LEC/Heritage bibliography just for him from Devotee featherwate! We last saw his work with the Heritage exclusive The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. The font chosen was Bell (much like The Warden), which was printed by Clarke & Way on Curtis paper. The letter makes a note about the paper being infused with titanium to minimize showthrough. Frank Fortney of Russell-Rutter binded the project, with a black levant-grain leather with Kredel supplying a decoration stamped in gold leaf alongside the title and publisher. The boards have a patterned paper, and it seems to be radically different batches used midway through as I’ve seen two copies of this LEC and they did not share the same paper! Kredel’s artwork was reproduced via gravures by the Photogravure and Color Company and subsequently colored by Walter Fischer’s studio. Each of the forty drawings had four separate stencils created for each to maximize closeness to Kredel’s originals. These stencils were then carefully used to color each illustration by hand to match up. More can be seen in the Letter below!



Title Page – Angela Thirkell, who also provided a preface for The Warden, steps back in to provide the same treatment for this book. Trollope’s two books essentially had the exact same crew backing them, which is sort of unique for the Club. The big selling point of the LEC upgrade is the upgrade to Kredel’s colors, which the Heritage reprint does not come close in replicating:

As was frequent in Heritage reprints of this era, the color choice was radically simplified.

Colophon – This is copy 403 of 1500 and signed by Kredel. My first LEC from him!

Examples of the Illustrations by Kredel (right click and open in new tab for full size):



Personal Notes – I picked this up for store credit as Old Capitol Books in Monterey when I was down there for Christmas…this is like the 15th LEC of theirs I’ve bought I’m pretty sure. I’ll have to check one of these days…

LEC Newsletter (right click and open in new tab for full size):

Heritage Press:

Barchester Towers by Anthony Trollope (1958)
Sandglass Number unknown
Artwork – Illustrations by Fritz Kredel
Introduced by Angela Thirkell
Reprint of LEC #292/27th Series V. 1 in 1958

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Front Binding – A nicely designed pattern for the boards on this book, with a brown spine. Shame it’s been sunned somehow, but it is a library book, after all.

Title Page

Page 18 – Lovely, lovely work. The woman’s face to the right of the carriage is amazing; I’ll need to check and see how it looks in the LEC.

Page 35

Personal Notes – Back when I was reviewing library books, I picked this up to document from the Mariposa library. It’s seen its fair share of readers, I can say that much.


Heritage Press – The Warden by Anthony Trollope (1955)

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The Warden by Anthony Trollope (1955)
Sandglass Number XVII:20
Artwork: Drawings by Fritz Kredel
Introduced by Angela Thirkell, published as a Centenary Edition
Heritage Press Reprint of LEC #263/24th Series V. 8 in 1955

Click images to see larger views.

Front Binding – Bound by Frank D. Fortney at the Russell-Rutter Company, the marbled boards (the paper of which was provided by Paris’ Putois Freres) stand out quite nicely with its gold and turquoise highlights.  The maroon spine gives it extra flourish.

Title Page – The book’s text is Bell, picked and planned out by Richard Williamson Ellis, then the Typographic Director to the Curtis Publishing Company.  Created by John Bell (no relation to the character in this book named the same, the Sandglass vehemently exclaims), who had been obscured by history until twenty years before this book came into fruition, the pages were set by Westcott and Thomson and then set off to be printed at The Riverside Press, on paper specifically made for this book (a frequent occurrence it would seem) by Crocker, Burbank Mills.  Angela Thirkell provides the introduction, while Fritz Kredel, one of the more frequent artists the two Presses utilized, gave Trollope’s cast some artistic flair.  Kredel’s art would be part of the book’s text, not separated out onto its own page, giving some extra considerations to Mr. Ellis about how to set up the page’s layouts.  However, I think you’ll find that he did a fine job.

Page 1

Page 16 – Kredel’s work also ended up between paragraphs of text, not only at the beginning of chapters.

Page 90 – My favorite illustration from this.

Personal Notes – Purchased from my former establishment of employment (which I COULD have taken for free, but at the time it was offered, I was in full-on MUST BE COMPLETE TO TAKE mode…which I still am, but not quite so anal ;p ) for $8 or so, I found Kredel’s work to be most excellent, and the marbled boards to be fascinating.  Haven’t read it yet, but it most certainly is a nice book.

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