About this Blog/Site Guidelines and Policies

Welcome to the George Macy Imagery. I have a personal collection of books (plus checked out titles from various library systems), and am constantly looking to add to my shelves, so there will not be a shortage of material to display here! Over the past several years, this blog has become one of the major sites for collectors of these books, something I take great pride in.

Post Layout

1) A picture of the book’s cover and spine, with a separate shot of the slipcase (if I have it) in order to show what the book was likely encased with upon original release. If the book’s spine is particularly fascinating, I’ll include it, too.
2) 3 illustrations from within (including the title page if applicable). If there are multiple types of illustration (B/W linework and full page colored prints, for example), I will feature at least one of each style. I have also taken to adding at least one example of the text.
3) A brief discussion about the book’s author, illustrator and, if I can, its publishing history through the LEC/HP with some help from the very knowledgeable folks at the George Macy Devotees Group at LibraryThing.
4) For LEC titles, I will also post the colophon page.

I intend this Imagery to serve as a digital reference for collectors who may want to see what’s inside one of these books before making a purchase and to highlight the quality work that George Macy and his publishing efforts produced, with a lighter emphasis on the Cardevon Press/Sid Shiff eras of the Club. I do not claim any ownership of these books (save my own copies, of course) or their contents. That honor goes to the Easton Press (who owns the rights to the majority of the Heritage Press backlist) and the Limited Editions Club (which is no longer operational as a publisher). My goal here is to be an educational/reference hub for collectors, scholars and people curious about these books. If you are taken by the art or bindings, know that these books can be regularly discovered in used book shops, online vendors such as eBay, ABEBooks or Alibris, or through library book sales or yard sales (if you’re lucky!). Many libraries likely have some Heritage Press books in their catalog, as well. The Easton Press continues to reprint several of their Heritage Press acquisitions in leather-bound editions, too, and I’ve linked them in order to allow you to peruse their titles.

About Buying/Selling LEC or Heritage Books Through this Blog

I’ve received comments from some people requesting me to send them a book (complete with their address and the surprising estimation that I would not charge them for it!), as well as inquiries about a particular title that was followed up with a declaration that they wanted to sell their own copy of the book to me or to others. That is not what the purpose of the blog is. I am not buying and/or selling any books through this blog; mine or anyone else’s. This blog is intended to showcase the literary artistry of the George Macy Company’s two publishing arms, and to aid fellow collectors in their searches. If you are intrigued and want to begin collecting your own books or have some you’d like to sell, I point you to look for local used book sellers, or to head online to ABEbooks, Alibris, eBay or other retail outlets, and I wish you the best of luck with your quest. Please do not ask me or anyone else to sell/purchase books on this blog; I will be rejecting all further comments outright if you breach this rule. Thanks in advance for your cooperation and understanding.

Comment Policy

Comments are open on a new post for seven days after it goes up on the blog. Comments on this site must follow these simple guidelines for me to approve them:
1) Follow the aforementioned request about buying/selling titles.
2) Be relevant to the topic at hand; for example, if the post is about Grimm’s Fairy Tales, the comment MUST be about the work in question, the Heritage or LEC version of the book, the authors, illustrator, editor or introduction writer, and/or corrections to that particular post. Anything else will be considered spam.
3) Vulgarity and rudeness will not be tolerated. Any comments that I deem as such will be marked as spam.
4) Inquiries about the cost of a book will generally not be answered. I am not a professional appraiser and I can only comment on what little I’ve seen in the overall rare/used book market. I refer you to your local book shops and online sources such as ABEBooks and Alibris for such questions, as they will be able to provide you with that kind of information.
5) Offers to provide me information via e-mail are very kind, but I do not wish to give out my e-mail through the blog. Please understand that it is not out of meanness or anything; I’m just very cautious. Feel free to join the Librarything group George Macy Devotees if you would like to share Sandglass/LEC Letter information with me. If it is a Sandglass, be aware that I may not use it on the post because the Heritage Press reprinted their editions multiple times with different Sandglasses over the years, and the one you have may not match mine.
6) Do NOT include your phone number or e-mail in your post. I will not contact you, and I will trash the comment instead of editing it out.
7) Comments made on a post outside of the seven day default will be considered spam. I do not know how this happens, but I will not reply to any that somehow make their way through the filter.
8) These rules may be changed at any time at my discretion, and the privilege of commenting at all could be removed if I feel that it is being abused. I thank you for your cooperation in advance.

With all those legalities out of the way, I do hope that you will enjoy and embrace these posts on these masterworks of book art, as they are all too often a rarity in the modern book world.

Updated 12/27/2021 – JF