Site News: LEC Shakespeare Acquisitions!

September 22, 2018 Comments Off on Site News: LEC Shakespeare Acquisitions!

Hello friends!

A very kind fan of the blog sent me five duplicate copies of the LEC Shakespeare set for me to keep and document, so you will be seeing new updates in the near future! I’ve updated the Coming Soon sidebar but I’ll go ahead and confirm that Macbeth, The Tempest, The Merry Wives of Windsor, Two Gentlemen from Verona, and King John will be the titles discussed soon!

I’ve also been notified that said fan has a few other duplicates of other LECs they are willing to send along my way! Thank you so much!

In other book news, I’ve done some research into my university’s library. There are some LEC titles in the rare book room, as well as several Heritage titles in general circulation. I haven’t finished my inventory of the Heritage books to determine condition, but I hope to do that soon.


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