Site News – 8/12/2017: Update

August 12, 2017 § 2 Comments

Hello everyone!

I’m here to revise what I had originally written about site updates now that the aforementioned “last book” went up on the site today. While I am still without any books of my own to document, I have reached out to a couple of Devotees and have gotten approval to host photographs from one user, BuzzBuzzard, of his splendid Heritage exclusives. And I have a second in the works that I don’t want to necessarily share yet as it’s possible it may not pan out. But if it does, it will be an excellent addition as well. Major, major thanks are due to both of these Devotees for their kindness!

Meanwhile, I still feel that updating the older posts should be a priority as well. So I think for now I’ll be rotating a new post featuring BuzzBuzzard’s images biweekly, and work on some revised content on off weeks. If my second contributor can figure out the logistics on their end to be able to assist as well, then we’ll reconfigure this plan as necessary. But the good news is that the site will not have to slink back into the dark, which makes me very happy indeed.

~ JF



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  • Richard Lowenstein says:

    Do you have a list of Heritage Press editions that are NOT LEC reprints?

    Dick Lowenstein Westport CT

    On Sat, Aug 5, 2017 at 9:03 PM The George Macy Imagery wrote:

    > WildcatJF posted: “Hello everyone! With today’s post, I’ve riddled down > that “Coming Soon!” section to a sole title, which will be documented next > weekend. So where will we go from there, with no new material from my own > collection to cover? Currently I am not in a fi” >

    • WildcatJF says:

      Hi Dick,

      I do, as a matter of fact! Here’s my page on Heritage exclusives, although it is not a complete resource. The publication history of the Heritage Press is really hard to pin down, but I feel it’s pretty thorough regardless. Hope it helps!

      ~ JF

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