Update and Hiatus Announcement

March 10, 2017 Comments Off on Update and Hiatus Announcement

Hello faithful readers!

It has been awfully quiet over here lately, and I apologize for that. As you may have surmised by the posts I made late last year, my life has been rather…interesting. I mentioned separating from my wife, which is now beginning its progression towards an amicable divorce. Since I last posted I’ve had another component of my life drastically change — I was laid off from my job due to the elimination of my position. So I’ve been applying elsewhere in the meantime.

While I have a surprising amount of spare time now, I’ve not felt a lot of gumption towards writing here, which I think is a bit understandable given the circumstances. I am sure that in time I will get myself into a comfortable space to once again discuss these books, but right now is not that time. For now the blog will not see any updates for the foreseeable future.

I appreciate your readership very much, and thank you for visiting the site and hope that you get enjoyment of the preexisting content. I will announce the blog’s return when I am ready for it to relaunch. :)

~ JF


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