Limited Editions Club – Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome (1975)

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Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome (1975)
LEC #480/42nd Series V. 10 in 1975
Artwork – Drawings by John Griffiths
Introduced by Stella Gibbons
LEC #403 of 2000

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Front Binding – Ah, our first Cardevon LEC! This is a lovely book that is unique in its length being much longer than its height. I happen to particularly like the orange/yellow/blue pattern for the boards (the yellow looks creme-colored here). I recently got a scan of the announcement letter with all the lovely production details, so here you go:

This is the only LEC of Jerome K. Jerome, which considering this is his best-known work, that shouldn’t surprise you too much. I’m a little shocked it took this long, personally. Maybe Macy wasn’t a fan of his writing.

This is also the only LEC done by illustrator John Griffiths, who did a splendid job rendering Jerome’s world in here. It’s sad that Griffiths never saw a second commission for whatever reason.

There is no Heritage edition of this work, so you’ll need to pony up the extra cash and hope you stumble on one of the 2000 copies if you like what you see!

Spine – The text is meant to be gold. Sunlight had a nasty way with many of the previous collector’s books.


Title Page – This was a tricky title page to shoot, given how far it stretches! One of my favorites despite the photographic challenges. Author Stella Gibbons (Cold Comfort Farm) supplies an introduction, and Jerome’s brief preface is also included. Under the cute header of “Special Cargo” you’ll find the list of colored drawings by Griffiths.

Signature Page – Another #403. I hope to add a couple more this year from this collector. :) Griffiths supplies his signature.

Page 1 – These are busy illustrations, but they are incredibly well-composed and exquisitely colored. I was pleasantly taken in with these drawings.

Page 16

Personal Notes – I got this on my January 2012 trip to Monterey at my favorite shop. This was the last book I picked up there, having earlier acquired Saint-Simon. I traded in books to snag this one, and I think it was $35.

LEC Monthly Letter:

This is a little different, as this Letter is a whopping 8 pages long!

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