Of Interest – Status of the Limited Editions Club

October 13, 2011 Comments Off on Of Interest – Status of the Limited Editions Club

As fans of the LEC are probably aware, owner Sidney Shiff passed away last year and his wife Jeanne had taken on the mantle of the Club.  After a year of silence, fellow collector busywine (who runs the Books and Vines blog I link to) was able to contact Shiff and scheduled an interview/book tour with her, and the results of that are here (with more posts on the books to come).  One key thing busywine inquired about was the future of the LEC and if Shiff would continue her husband’s fine press book series onward – alas, the answer to that is no.  She explains that the overhead for making such exquisite books is too great nowadays, and figures that the time has come to put the Club to rest.  She’s not giving up the LEC completely, though, as she is working on a proper webpage for the Club (which it has never had) that will document Mr. Shiff’s era of the Club, offer up copies of Shiff’s remaining LEC’s to the public, among other plans.  It’s a shame to see George Macy’s dream end conclusively after a 82 year run under a few different ownerships, but I understand Shiff’s decision to close it up for good.

That being said, busywine will be sharing a ton of the Shiff-era books at his site in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for them – I doubt (unless I get rich suddenly) I’ll have the good fortune of handling any myself.


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