The Readers Club – The Days of the King by Bruno Frank (1942)

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The Days of the King by Bruno Frank (1942)
Foreword by Sinclair Lewis
Artwork – Woodcuts from Adolf von Menzel
Translated by H.T. Lowe-Porter
Exclusive to the Readers Club

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Front Binding – All Readers Club books came with a dust jacket, but this particular copy is missing its clothes.  The Readers Club seemingly had two logos – one for the front binding that was a little simpler and a second, more complicated piece on the title page.  All of the books I’ve researched and featured a picture of the boards have this on the front, so that makes it easy to find!

Spine – The Macy touch is saved for the spine it seems, as this has a classy one.  Author Bruno Frank, judge Sinclair Lewis and deceased illustrator Adolf von Menzel get some props here, as well as a “RC” to further indicate its “Readers Club” ties.

Editorial Committee of the Readers Club – Before the title page is this announcement of the key figures of the Readers Club (save George Macy).  Clinton Fadiman seemingly was the least involved according to what I’ve found, but the others popped up quite a bit.  Lewis seemed to be the figurehead, despite Alexander Woollcott’s prominence as the Chairman – I’ve seen far more forewords from Lewis in my research than any other.  Since I keep referencing it, here’s my research, BTW.

Title Page – Von Menzel’s illustration leaps out at the reader here, but it seems his part of the book was a rarity to the Readers Club.  Either that or most books lacked that explanation on the binding/dust jacket and most ABEBooks vendors fail to mention them.  Frank’s biographical novel is translated by H.T. Lowe-Porter.

Page XI – My favorite piece of art from this book.

Page 11 – This is nice, too.

Personal Notes – My current book shop employment has this book, but I didn’t buy it due to my overall lack of interest in building up a Readers Club collection (they aren’t as nice as Heritage or LEC titles).  Nice of my boss to lend it to me to document, though!


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