Heritage Press – The Trial and Death of Socrates by Plato (1963)

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The Trial and Death of Socrates by Plato (1963)
Sandglass Number unknown
Artwork – Illustrations by Hans Erni
Translated and Analysis by Benjamin Jowett, and introduced by Huntington Cairns
Reprint of LEC #338/30th Series V. 11 in 1962

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Front Binding – A brilliant blue cloth covers the boards, but the spine holds the treat of this particular book.  Plato’s second work printed by the George Macy Company, The Trial and Death of Socrates, is arguably his most well-known piece outside of The Republic, and I think the Heritage edition does it justice.  Alas, I can’t go into the design aspects on this one – library copy and all that.  Any help would be lovely!


Title Page – Much like the later Three Dialogues, Benjamin Jowett supplies the translation for Plato’s Greek text.  Huntington Cairns provides a Preface.  Hans Erni is the artist in question, this being his second commission for the Limited Editions Club (Ovid’s Metamorphoses would be the first in 1958), with one more to follow (Epictetus’ Discourses and Manual in 1966).  His style works well with the text Plato provides, methinks.

Page 13 – Most of Erni’s illustrations are in between the text – this is a rarer full page piece.

Page 27

Page 63

Personal Notes – I’ve yet to snag myself a Plato of any sort, but I wouldn’t mind this one being the first.  I like the blue boards a lot, and Erni’s work is distinctive.  For now, I’ll remember my time with the library copy these came from.

Any and all info on this book’s design process would be very useful!  If you have a Sandglass or LEC Newsletter, please drop me a line here or through the comments at my thread about this blog at the George Macy Devotees @ LibraryThing!  Thanks!


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