Heritage Press – Three Dialogues of Plato (1968)

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Plato’s Dialogues of Love – Lysis or Friendship, The Symposium and Phaedrus  (1968)
Sandglass Number unknown
Artwork – Illustrations by Eugene Karlin
Translated and notes by Benjamin Jowett, with a preface by Whitney J. Oates
Reprint of LEC #409/36th Series V. 11 in 1968

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Front Binding – This book has a nice marble floor look to its boards that works well for it, since it’s containing several key works from Greek philosopher Plato.  A brown cloth spine plays off of the boards.  Alas, that’s about all I can say here – I checked this out from the library.


Title Page – This is the final work of Plato the LEC put out – it’s kind of funny to me how The Republic was done in 1944, and then a near 20 year gap would pass before The Trial and Death of Socrates would be printed in 1962, with this coming out six years later.  It’s almost like someone remembered Plato’s existence after George Macy’s passing.  Maybe Macy wasn’t huge on Plato’s philosophy?  Anyway, idle speculation aside, Benjamin Jowett renders our text from Greek into English, and even provides some analysis to the work.  Whitney J. Oates offers a preface, and Eugene Karlin gives the text some visual accompaniment.  This would be their sole work for the LEC.

Lysis Introduction – Karlin has a solid drawing style that I like.  He also does some excellent portraits, as you’ll see below.

Page 14

Page 24

Personal Notes – A nice book of Plato’s lesser known works with a good line artist – I wouldn’t mind having it!

Any and all info on this book’s design process would be very useful!  If you have a Sandglass or LEC Newsletter, please drop me a line here or through the comments at my thread about this blog at the George Macy Devotees @ LibraryThing!  Thanks!



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