Heritage Press: The Essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson (1953)

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The Essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson (1953)
Sandglass Number II:18
Artwork – None to be had!
Introduction by Edward F. O’Day
Reprint of LEC #60/6th Series V. 1 in 1934

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Front Binding – A nice green marbling has been done to these boards, giving the book its only real artistic flair (there’s no illustrations in this – just exquisite focus on the text!)The spine is a creme color, with a red block highlighting its Anniversary status and announcing it combines two volumes into one.  John Henry Nash was responsible for the design of the Limited Editions original, modeled after Nicolas Jenson’s 1478 printing of Plutarch’s Lives, using Nash’s Cloister Lightface to best replicate Jenson’s text for Ralph Waldo Emerson’s collection of essays.


Title Page – Edward F. O’Day gives an introduction to Emerson’s work here.  As I staed before, there isn’t any illustrations for this particular book, but the type face Nash utilized is quite nice.  For this book, the reproduction of Nash’s letterpress was done by Robert Teller Sons & Dorner, based out of New York.  The International Paper Company’s sheets were the ones summoned, and were specially made for the book, as par the course.  Frank D. Fortney did the final binding.

Pages 22 – 23 – This book was one of the largest LEC’s – it carries over to the Heritage edition, despite a reduction in the margins.  It’s the tallest one I have.  As for the text, it is pretty and works well for Emerson, I think.

Personal Notes – I bought this in Jamestown, California from a book shop for $10 or so, I think.  I haven’t read Emerson, but when I’m ready to I’ve got a nice volume to do it!



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