Heritage Press: The Short Stories of Oscar Wilde (1968)

February 22, 2011 § 6 Comments

The Short Stories of Oscar Wilde (1968)
Sandglass Number Unknown
Artwork: Paintings by James Hill

Introduced by Robert Gorham Davis
Heritage Press Reprint of LEC #406/36th Series V. 8 in 1968

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Front Binding – A pink fabric covers this book, but lacks any additional embellishing.  I did perform a bit of Photoshop to remove a library sticker from the top right corner.  I know nothing else about this book’s design.

Title Page – James Hill provides the visual materials for Wilde’s short stories, and his work is very…retro ’60’s, for lack of a better word.  I think it works, but it’s definitely trapped in a particular era.  Robert Gorham Davis offers an introduction.

Page 252 – One bizarre “boy within a frog” motif, here.  I do like Hill’s paintings – they are certainly a trip.

Pages 237-238 – Just some cool stuff.  I’d love to own this book.  Shame Hill only worked on this one book for the LEC.

Personal Notes – This is the third Oscar Wilde title I’ve covered on the blog, and amazingly, it’s another stunner.  Seems that the George Macy Companies knew who to best pair Wilde up with.  We’ll see if that streak continues!  Anyway, I got this from the Mariposa library on loan.

If you have any insights into the creation of this book, LEC or Heritage, please let me know through the comments here or at my thread about this blog at the George Macy Devotees @ LibraryThing!  Thanks!


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