Heritage Press – The Warden by Anthony Trollope (1955)

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The Warden by Anthony Trollope (1955)
Sandglass Number XVII:20
Artwork: Drawings by Fritz Kredel
Introduced by Angela Thirkell, published as a Centenary Edition
Heritage Press Reprint of LEC #263/24th Series V. 8 in 1955

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Front Binding – Bound by Frank D. Fortney at the Russell-Rutter Company, the marbled boards (the paper of which was provided by Paris’ Putois Freres) stand out quite nicely with its gold and turquoise highlights.  The maroon spine gives it extra flourish.

Title Page – The book’s text is Bell, picked and planned out by Richard Williamson Ellis, then the Typographic Director to the Curtis Publishing Company.  Created by John Bell (no relation to the character in this book named the same, the Sandglass vehemently exclaims), who had been obscured by history until twenty years before this book came into fruition, the pages were set by Westcott and Thomson and then set off to be printed at The Riverside Press, on paper specifically made for this book (a frequent occurrence it would seem) by Crocker, Burbank Mills.  Angela Thirkell provides the introduction, while Fritz Kredel, one of the more frequent artists the two Presses utilized, gave Trollope’s cast some artistic flair.  Kredel’s art would be part of the book’s text, not separated out onto its own page, giving some extra considerations to Mr. Ellis about how to set up the page’s layouts.  However, I think you’ll find that he did a fine job.

Page 1

Page 16 – Kredel’s work also ended up between paragraphs of text, not only at the beginning of chapters.

Page 90 – My favorite illustration from this.

Personal Notes – Purchased from my former establishment of employment (which I COULD have taken for free, but at the time it was offered, I was in full-on MUST BE COMPLETE TO TAKE mode…which I still am, but not quite so anal ;p ) for $8 or so, I found Kredel’s work to be most excellent, and the marbled boards to be fascinating.  Haven’t read it yet, but it most certainly is a nice book.


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